A Few Heroes

Letters to Uncle Goatbender IV:

Down again

Dear Uncle Goatbender,

I write in haste- we have entered the goblin keep proper, and have encountered devilish magics, more goblins, and would you believe, one of those arseholes who I can’t remember their name but they jipped me in the past, but they got sacrificed, or at least one of them did, which I tried to stop but life goes on. We slew some more goblins, they’d been cooking something fierce unpleasant and the halflings made swift work of them. We found a temple that had been reconsecrated to some foul god, as well as some horrific tentacle-beast that was guarding it, but we slew the lot, as well as the goblin priests- couldn’t save the dwarf they were sacrificing though. The main event happened further on, where a gods-cursed drow was consorting with a bugbear over the supine form of one of those other dwarf guys. We slew the bugbear (at least, the team slew him while I rested in the veil of unconsciousness) but the drow escaped. We’re to set off and chase her, but I’ll have some truth from the dwarf first- he talks of his ‘map’ and we’ll know soon enough what it is he’s don in consorting with these scum. I’ll write again soon, Uncle, things are just getting interesting.

Your devoted nephew,




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