A Few Heroes

Dungeon Delicatessen 4

Magical food

Today I witnessed first-hand the strange forces of magic! I wonder if the creature will have any magical effect on the taste buds?

It all started after we ascended the dungeon, with Vasadi and myself sneaking into a bedroom of sleeping Goblins. I have to say that I am not happy about what I did, but I know that it was the only way we will rid these lands of Goblins, for they always fight and if the tables were turned they would do the same to us.

With the Gods looking on, I slit two of their throats. Vasadi did likewise, allowing us to creep into their lair. As if that were not enough, the very next room held more of the creatures, which we were also able to ambush. However this room was fascinating as they were cooking with strange ingredients, condiments and apparatus! I managed to steal away a recipe book that someone will have to translate, some odd cutlery and a good few Goblin herbs and spices. I look forward to jerking the beef with that tonight ;-)

After that we continued down a wide corridor. I tried to sneak into a side room that I thought had sleeping Goblins in it. Boy was I wrong! I noticed only at the last minute that a blade was falling towards my head as I peered into the darkness and managed to pull my head out of the way with less space than thinly-cut wafer-thin ham!

Three of the foes came at us, but we managed them through the doorway single-file and the creatures were too stupid to realise their mistake until it was too late. Their bedroom was empty of valuables, but this is where it gets interesting…

The room on the other side had a magical darkness upon it! Light could not penetrate, inside or out, so Malakai of course decided that blindly stumbling into darkness was our best solution to this problem, and without hesitation he disappeared into the black. However this was not just a magical darkness but also a deafness – neither he nor we realised that we could neither see nor hear each other!

Despite my assumption of his confidence being bravado and quite useless, he proved me wrong by reappearing and telling us of an evil temple on the other side with an Elf about to be sacrificed. Forming a chain so we could stay as a group, we moved into the darkness not knowing what stalking creature was in the black.

This time I stayed at the back, as I felt that this was still a fools errand, and I paid the price. A foul magical octopus that lives out of water made for me and attacked without warning. Rising from the brick wall it sped towards me like a Kraken. I have named this brick-Kraken a Krick, and it grabbed me with it’s tentacles meaning to make me his dinner. Luckily my small demeanour allowed me to escape it’s clutches and, with Peralious’ help, we hit the creature a fair few times.

The Krick had a very tough skin and no matter how well I stabbed the beast it failed to damage as I expected. It was as if the creatures skin was tough like armour, lessening the impact of our strikes. Luckily the chain we made allowed the others to know that something was wrong when we were attacked. Somehow, the others knew to rally and push the foul creature out of the darkness. Once we moved it into the light it was much easier to strike and we made short work of it, although it did strike me rather hard.

Again Peralious aided me with healing. I know this is also magical, but he covers the area with his hands so I have never the magic at work. However my wound closed up under the pale blue light of his Gods divine healing and I was made whole again. I must cook him a ham some time…

Again we tried to make our way through the darkness, this time with me at the front. As we felt our way through to the evil temple, we left the darkness and walked into a large room with a sacrificial altar in the centre just as Malachite had described. He, Vasadi and myself charged the priest, but he had already cut a hole in the heart of the Elf, who now lay bleeding profusely into the large rune below.

As his blood ran it started to glow a bright red the more the rune was filled. Unfortunately we had to deal to the Goblins first and, while we made short work of the fiends, we were not able to save the Elf. Peralious tried his best but there was an evil magic trying to suck the soul of the Elf to some kind of Goblin hell.

Peralious drew a small rune in chalk right in the centre of the rune and both he and Malachine prayed hard. Eventually he said that the soul had gone to the right place, but you could tell he was unhappy at not being able to save the Elf. We all were – that was no way to die.

With steeled determination we moved into the next room as quietly as we coould, but they had heard us and expected our approach. As we looked into the room we could see a Bug Bear, large even for one of his kind, and a Dark Elf. Her skin was a deep grey colour, something I have not seen on a person before. They stood arguing above a map with no sign that they had a clue what was coming.

But they did.

As we neared the room a Dark Wolf attacked Malachite, which prompted him to charge into the room. Sometimes I wonder if he wants to die or if he is just too stupid to understand the risks he is obviously taking. I have never met someone so brave, or maybe foolhardy. I am yet to work it out, but on this occasion it was not smart.

He was beset on two sides by the Bug Bear and the Dark Wolf, which mauled him terribly. With his ribcage in its large jaws it shook him, tearing its teeth through his armour and into his flesh. I tried to help, stabbing twice with my shortswords. One missed but the other sank deep into the wolf’s hide.

My success was not long-lasting though and before I had pulled my blade out the Bug Bear hit be full on the side of the head, sending a ringing noise through my ears and stunning me. As I staggered back the wolf turned its attention to me and savaged my arm. It was only by luck that I tore it free and that it was still attached – I could feel the animal’s jaws closing around my shoulder joint like a butchers cleaver removing the shoulder in a clean sweep.

Despite this, Malachite pulled himself to his feet and swung back into combat again. Whether it was guts or nuts, I was not going to find out and I fell back out of combat and into the healing hands of Peralious. Covering my shoulder with his hands I once again felt my wounds undo with just as much pain as they were caused but in reverse. This brief moment of pain was quickly overcome by the fact that I could now see my arm, covered in my blood but somehow healed.

In the meantime I was unaware that Vasadi had been magically held, or that he was looking over the dead body of a Dwarf. Apparently the Dark Elf reached into his pockets and stole something of importance from him, something worth risking combat for. The next thing a portal opened and the Dark Elf disappeared through it like walking through a dark mirror.

Branic, seeing what was happening, made the choice to stand between Malachite to protect him from the Bug Bear. With more skill than I have credited him with Branic dispatched the Bug Bear in two good swings, allowing us to focus on the wolf. Little did we know that, without the Dark Elf being present to keep the magic going, Vasadi was released and could once again move. Unfortunately the dark portal disappeared at the same time, so she spun towards the wolf and struck out with deadly accuracy, sliding her blade through the rib cage and into the creatures heart. She would do well in my abattoir when my business is up and running.

Peralious had already started healing Malachite, who was not in good shape. It took some time for us to stop the bleeding and eventually he regained consciousness. After some care by our great priest he was up and swearing like his good old self.

We now stood in an enclosed room, with no exits bar the one we came in through. While searching for things of interest, we managed to reveal a well-disguised door in the wall that somehow leads to a forest. I’m not sure if it is a portal to somewhere else on this world or if there is a second world inside this door, but as usual Malachite wants to charge in so it’s likely that we will journey there some time soon. For now it’s best we prepare ourselves and talk through a strategy – we can’t afford another fight like the last or it may be our last.



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