A Few Heroes

Dungeon Delicatessen

Diary Entry 1

A few days ago I awoke at my normal 3am and went to the shop to open up. There I spyed Garrick and some of the city watch already gathering. Thankfully Fen, our accountant, managed to intercept me and informed me that Garrick had forced him to fiddle the books to make it look like I was laundering money from the company. I was to be arrested on the spot and thrown in jail to await trial.

I managed to get away, but by the time I had worked out what was going on and managed to get the four best pigs we owned, the watch were at my house. Without being able to get in I had to flee with the clothes on my back and whatever I could carry.

But perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. A few years ago I had a great idea for exotic meat – if we were able to sell the meat of monsters or animals fed on monsters, we would be able to charge a premium for the cuts! People would pay more out of interest for the rare meat and we wouldn’t have to pay much, if anything at all.

Because of Garrik’s actions I have decided to put this idea to work and, in a stroke of luck, I met four others who share in the idea of adventuring. There have already been some good meals for the pigs and they have fed well on wolf. It is my hope that they will soon be gorging on goblins, which they can finish while I promote the idea around town.

The others in my new party do not seem to share the same love for the business, but they are happy to let the pigs eat the spoils of combat. When I make enough money I will go back to Fallcrest and challenge Garrick on the charges he has laid against me. With luck I will win and be able to take the business back for myself. Until then my dreams of becoming the entrepreneur starting the worlds first alternative and exotic butchery has taken a big leap forward.

I am wary of some of my comrades, however. Malachite the Dwarf is quite hard to reason with and seems to hate everyone. However he has already felled two goblins and is leading the charge into the castle where they live. If we plan it right he may be the driving force behind my first pig food glut – if Branic, who he persistently derides, doesn’t kill him first!



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