A Few Heroes

Who's this then?

Adventure Recap 3

As our mighty adventurers took a breather after their victory over the rotund goblin leader they suddenly noticed a before missed prisoner trapped in a cage suspended off the ground.

Quickly (well for them) the adventurers let the poor soul out of his cage to taste sweet sweet freedom once again.

“Who and what are you?” the question was asked of the stranger.
“Why I am the elvish cleric whose name is written large on countless character sheets across the land, but apparently no where handy” was his response.
He continued “I would be honoured to join your band if you would have me, just tell me where I am most needed”. Everyone then pointed at the sorcerer.

Having taken time to familiarise themselves with their new party member the group then headed off back across the bridge and into the far passage they had still to explore.

A short travel up the passage they came across a room with two pools, one filled with water while they other had a gap opened out oneside and was quite empty.

It was quickly determined that quite possibly this was the source of the flooding from earlier in their explorations but not seeing anything else of interest there they continued along the passage.

As they neared the end of yet another corridor the warrior heard a familier growl.
“I’ll have you this time mutt” he yelled, or something possibly quite different, his accent is often unintelligble, as he raced off into the room.

Being slightly less intune with their need for suicidle charges the rest of the group followed at slightly slower pace to find the warrior in battle with a couple of goblins and what the rest of the group were to charitably assume was the ‘giant’ wolf the warrior spoke of from during their encounter with the bugbear the previous day.

A brief but short and victorious fight followed as the group pounded their hapless opponents into the ground with minimal damage. Or possibly moderate damage.
There was some pounding done anyway :)

Taking a quick survey of the aftermath, aka looting the room, the more eagle eyed of the group discovered a secret door in the wall of the cavern.

After opening the door a stairway was revealed leading down to another passageway.

As our adventurers travelled down the latest passageway they started to notice a green glow ahead of them that brightened as they went.
Eventually they discovered a room with what looked to be a well in the middle from whence the glow emated, and also a few goblins milling around it.

“Surpise!” cried our merry band as they lept out in ambush of the goblins.
“Gob gob” went the green goo as it lept out and burnt a couple of our suddenly not so merry band.

The battle was then joined where yet again our mighty heroes dealt justice in the form of indiscriminate death to the probably guilty but too late now if they were peacenik goblins and their ally the green burning thing that reminds you of the time you visted the girls at house where the busty women work and then had trouble peeing the next day.

Being a vigorous fight the handy new member of the party then set about patching up those members who were injured sa best he could be quickly exhausted himself in the process.

Not to be put off the party continued but were quickly confronted by a portcullis blocking the exit to the room.
With a mighty heave the warrior lifted the gate above his head while the rest of the party got down and crawled through the resulting gap.
The lever to raise the gate was quickly found on the other side and switched so that the gate then raised.

Another set of stairs was then discovered going down where the start of another opened out before them.
But the adventurers didn’t have too long to ponder this as the pair of ever present goblins at the bottom of the stairs let loose a barrage of arrow (yes I believe singular) at the party.
“Haha missed” taunted the sorcerer as he started scratching the arrow sticking out his chest.
“Crap” or something similar was exclaimed as he started performing the first part of his now familiar yoyo impression.

The taller of our two rogues charged down the stairs in a fit of rage and savaged one of the goblins at the bottom with the Ranger attacking the second with arrorws.
At which point more goblins charged up and attacked the rogue savaging her in return while another ran off to ‘release the hounds’.
The warrior then charged down to aide the rogue, passing her as she ran up the stairs bleeding profusely.
The shorter of the rogues and the cleric joined the battle in some form or other while first aide was delivered to the sorcerer in the form of a potion of healing at which point performed the yo to his yo and stood up hand all on fire and stuff.

The battle was then completed with the party releasing a surprisingly large amount of ironmongery onto the floor of the cavern while also slaughtering the remaining goblins, including spitting the hound releaser with a well placed arrow.

A quick apparaisal of the groups position found them in what looked to be jail of sorts complete with trapped wolves, while in no sort of state to safely wage any further strenuous battles so the decision was made to retreat up the stairs to a more defensible position and take the opportunity to rest.



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