A Few Heroes

They dug a hole...it's filling with water.

Adventure Recap 2

Feeling flush with that mighty victory the party decided there was no time to waste so they stormed the first 20’ of the goblin lair before deciding it was to dark for storming so some sneaking might be in order.

With that an advance scout party was sent ahead to investigate the entrance that went off to the left of the main tunnel, which upon investigation turned out to be on the right side of the tunnel.

Here they discovered three slavering wolves staked to the ground guarding a small cave.
With the warrior, who felt it would be unfair, and the Ranger, who felt the call of the wild, (and the remaining adventurers proffering no strong opinions either way) the decision was made not to kill the poor wolves regardless of their disadvantaged imobility.

Our ranger decided to use his nature skills to befriend the beasts but only one of them was amenable to this (he would name him Boo but didn’t have time to tell the others) with the other two rudely rebuffing his attempts to appease them.

Seeing there was no chance of repprochement the warrior decided that if smooth words wouldn’t work then food would so hiffed some of the previously killed goblins to them for a kai. After all you don’t bite the hands that feeds you right?
As it turns out technically no, those hand’s weren’t there to be bitten. Another’s throat was, but more on that later.

With the wolves distracted the taller of the two rogues and the warrior investigated the side room and found a chimney that ascended into the darkness.
Being the best climber in the group the warrior volunteered to climb the gap but unfortunately, mishearing the shorter rogues guidance as ‘climb it Ginger worrier style’ due to the sound of the rushing water, slipped while halfway up.

Unperturbed the warrior attempted the climb again and this time aced it, with the help of the giant mitt that grabbed him as he approached the top.
‘Who are you sneaking into my lair’ demanded the massive bugbear as he held the warrior helplessly off the ground.
’I’m the one who’s here to toss you down that there hole’ the warrior defiantly retorted.
‘Haha as if you coul….oh shit’ the bugbear replied as the warrior dwarkido threw him down the chimney.

The finely co-ordinated team then swung into action while the enemy leader was at his weakest and did proceed to hit him while he was down…

…This was the high point of the first foray into the lair…

But what goes up must come down.
Well it doesn’t have to, but usually it does.
And this time wasn’t one to buck a trend.

In that moment, while the warrior was savouring his throw and the others were celebrating their vicious attacks, several things went wrong.
And in the dungeoneers dictionary wrong means, at least on this day, all things wolf.

Firstly our warrior gets savaged from behind by the bugbears accompaning giant wolf (we only have his account to it’s size but we humour him) while at almost the exact time (it’s hard to time gurgles with water in the background) one of the wolves at the cave entrance threw it’s stake and pounced on the sorcerer throwing him to the ground.

With the reactions of a 10 second window the remaining three adventureers went to work to save the situation.
The ranger drew his swords and discovered that two blades of 12" steel somehow seemed to do more damage than his yard long arrow tipped by three ounces of steel. It seems that size does count.
The taller of the rogues went to save the warrior but unfortunately it took her a while to fint the ‘texture’ in the wall.
The shorter rogue did stuff that wasn’t enough for the ranger to notice while he wriped the blood from his eyes.
The fallen warrior and sorcerer bled a little.

Time stood still, except for those that didn’t, which at this point was everyone.
One bled a little and then got picked up by a goblin and thrown down the chimney*
One unfortunately had a bleeder.
One got savaged by another wolf that threw it’s peg and then introduced said wolf to his two little friends.
One, having found some texture, climbed half way up the chimney *and caught a dwarf
One did something else.
The bugbear fell.

In a flurry of activity the adventurers thought this might be their time…to leave.
The more burdened of the two rouges managed to slide down the chimney with the warrior and administered his emergency healing potion while the shorter of the two rogues finished off the bugbear while the ranger did something else.

With 80% of our party restored it was time to leave before the pursuit was raised so it was time to introduce the last remaining wolf Boo to his last name, F’king Hoo, and the party high tailed it out of the tunnel.

Not far from the cave the party was again encountered by the local elves.
The warrior, no doubt now realising that the goblins weren’t the pushovers he thought, did pasionatly entreat the elves to use their healing arts on the sorcerer to revive him from his eternal slumber.

Touched by the turn around of the most right wing of the party, and given that they had been out gathering mushrooms at the time, they agreed to take the unfortunate soul to their healers who performed some wonders that only Osbourn the White will know.

After a night of recuperation the group decided some revenge was in order so back to the goblin cave they went.

Working their way through the lair the adventurers came to a larger cavern with a rope bridge above them.
As the rogues went forward the more observant of the two did hear a mighty rush of water and shouted out a warning as he scampered back from the danger.

Forewarned the warrior scaled the walls of the cavern while the two humans feebly looked for texture in their attempts to find safety.
The two halflings realising their height disadvantage ran for a side passage the had spied earlier.

As the humans fumbled around like numpties the warrior threw down his rope and managed to pull them to safety while the shorter of the two rogues master yoda’d his way to the top of the schree pile.
Osbourn trusting in serendipity f’cked around at the bottom of the schree.

As the water rushed towards him Osbourn’s party members got more desperate and tried varying methods to save him.
Bobby being the most optimistic of the party threw him a rope, which Osbourn grabbed but then utterly failed to hold onto.
Mal being the most pessimistic of the party threw out a lasso which Osbourn then failed to escape.

Gathered together again the slightly damn martial members of the party, and the caster with the blow-dryer, then headed further into the lair.

Hearing goblins ahead the two rogues and the ranger decided to sneak up to surprise their hosts.
Unfortunately the ranger decided to go Fool of a Took and kicked a helm into the room.

Having had their surprise blown the warrior and the taller of the rogues ran into the room while the two shorter members of the party thought that it would be more fun to use the ranger as a walking shield.

In the room the vista unfolded as a Gerry Brownlea like Goblin overlooking his domain while the rest of his minions waited certain death, except for the smack down they were giving to the party.

While the warrior and the shorter of the rogues were engaging the great goblin the rest of the party, with arrows, swords and liquid hot magma took out his supporting cast.

And then there came pain…well for the great goblin anyway…

See the tag. I did say long sorry



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