A Few Heroes

Letters to Uncle Goatbender III:

Killing slimes, doing crimes

Dear Uncle Goatbender,

Well, we’re taking something of a premature rest in this stinking goblin-hole, but it’s a fair shake of the hammer, I suppose, because Ozzy is tuckered and run out of magic, and –would you believe, we picked up an elf in here in a cage, a priest at that. Not that I’ve love for elves, but I’ve a love for finding survivors in goblin torture-rooms, and he doesn’t seem much worse for wear. In fairness, many dwarves would have scampered out of there as soon as they were free, and he takes up his armour and asks to come along with us, so he’s all right in my book, and it doesn’t hurt that he can do some healing magic.
So as I said we’re laid up for a few hours, and I’ve to go for my stand of guard shortly, but here’s what’s happened since I wrote last.
After we rescued the elf (can you credit that his name is “Perilous”) we crossed that rickety rope bridge across the stream-cave, and lo and behold, we found the room as they had flooded us from- one big empty pool hole, 4 goblins, and a full pool. Needless to say, a scrap developed, and the bloody pool turns out to be a jelly or ooze or something, but small knives are sharper, as the saying goes, and with the help of the halflings we made short work of the lot of them, if you’ll pardon the punne.
We did a bit more exploring after that, and finally, FINALLY, we found the entrance to that bugbear’s lair, the one we slew in my first letter. The bloody goblins and that damned sneaky wolf were still in there, so as you can guess, I was out for a bit of revenge, and with a little help from my friends, I got it in spades. Next time you see me, I’ll be wearing wolfskin.
We’d a big portcullis to get through at that stage, so I ended up lifting it up while they snuck underneath- took their bloody time too! Still, I reckon it was a new personal best for squat lifting, so I’m happy all the same. A bit more delving and at the bottom of a set of steps, we nearly lost the human woman to more damned goblins, and they’d a bunch of wolves in cages. Long and short of is was that we went through them like a packet of elf-bread, and took no chances with the wolves this time. I hate to slay a helpless creature, but they were already crazed and after the last episode, let’s say I’ve a respect for what they can do if they get the drop on you.
So now we’re resting up, and I must say I feel stronger, like I could take approximately twice as much damage before I collapse as I could before, at least I hope so.
Your nephew,



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