A Few Heroes

Letters to Uncle Goatbender II:

All the best sorcerers are dead

Dear Uncle Goatbender,

Mixed results this time, Uncle. After killing the rest of the goblin guards (just like mother taught!), our group made an advance towards the hole that served as an entrance to the beasts’ lair. It was set in the side of a big hill, and there was a bit of a cave-stream coming on out of there. Though we kept our eyes peeled for traps, we found none- assuming that the greenskin tribe was perhaps too primitive to construct traps. As you know, each tribe seems to operate under its own rules.
Regardless, after a bit of argument around who should go first (I can’t get used to the surface folk and their not being able to see in the dark- it’s such a hassle!), we made our way into the cave. Found a chamber with some mangy wolves tied up- we took pity on the beasts, and fed them some of the goblins from the outside. Should have put them out of their misery. Found a crack at the back of their cave and climbed up, after a couple of false starts, but think we alerted the critters at the top. Beefy bugbear and his lackeys attacked me. I managed to toss the bugbear down the crevasse, but he had hands like glue, and managed to catch on. Rest of the fight is a bit of a blur for me, because one of the damn wolves took me down. Good job I carry the healing potion. Well. Carried. Must get another.
We lost little Oz in the fight, but in the end the elves came good and managed to bring him back- say what you want about their appetites, the elves know their way around magic.
After some mucking about, we got back into the goblin-hole, and as we crept on through, the blighters set off their trap- must have had a few supports around a reservoir, because we near got washed down the passage. Still, we managed to get clambered up onto a rope bridge that ran across the passage above, and avoided the worst of the danger. Poor wee Ozzy nearly drowned though. Not sure if he’s cut out for adventuring, to be honest.
As I write, we’ve just finished fighting a bunch of goblins that we encountered down the passage from the bridge. Surprised that they had a big fella, taller than me, who wasn’t scared of a fight. It’s true what they say, a goblin can be cunning or brave, but not both, and I’ve to clean his blood off me hammer after I finish up. Anyhow, the rest of the party are eager to be moving, so I’ll write more when we get a break again.
Your nephew,




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