A Few Heroes

Dungeon Delicatessen 3

More meat for the grinder

We haven’t made much more distance into the cave, despite the fact that we have spent a lot of time trying. I am starting to get worried about the pigs and hope that they are fending well enough for themselves. I know left to their own devices they will be fine, but I wonder if thieves (or worse – wild animals) may find them first.

Despite that, we are amassing a large amount of food for them to much through when they get here. Having been on the defensive for the last while, we went venturing back into the cave on the attack and across the footbridge the others had clambered upon to avoid the water trap earlier. We immediately found an elven priest by the name of Perilous, who was living up to his name having been kidnapped by the enemy.

I thought he would be happy to flee, but hats off to him: he was out for revenge! Lucky then that a handful of goblins were in the next room by a pool, which we did not know contained some kind of jelly that may well be good in pies and for preserving meats. I will have to find more of these creatures and try their viscous bodies out in a variety of meals…

After a brief struggle we overcame the foes and, after a long debate and search, found the secret entrance to the bugbears lair, the ones that our dwarven friend was nearly killed by. Malachite was also out for revenge and the goblins and wolf fell fast. At least now we know Malachite was telling the truth about what all was up there! No wonder he took a dive down the well…

This room was separated from beyond by a portcullis that Malachite lifted for us. Travelling down a set of stairs we found more wolves in cages (what is it with goblins and wolves? Are they just for guards or food as well? I will have to try to make a few wolf meals for the group and see what they think. They will be a good test for my new line of Dungeon Dining).

Unlike last time, we were not going to be kind to these wolves as it had stung us before. Having killed the lot, Ozzy was low in magic and a few of us were hurt so we have decided to take a rest.

Now that I have updated my diary, I had better collect a sample or two of that jelly and some choice cuts of wolf for dinner. If any of the lads should enjoy the meals I prepare over the next few days I will note them in my Dungeon Cookbook.



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