A Few Heroes

Dungeon Delicatessen 2

Lots of feed!

My plan to open Dungeon Delicatessen is gathering speed. Not only do I have several of the finest pigs I could bring, but now a fair number of goblins to feed the pigs: Malachite saw to that, by brazenly attacking the first few goblins himself! Perhaps he would do well in the Delicatessen with a meat cleaver in his hands, though I fear his cuts would not be the finest…

We found a rather sizeable passageway that led underground. I went as far ahead as I could with a couple of the guys before the darkness started to hinder me too much. It annoyed Malachite of course, as he can see in the dark, but as it turned out we made it rather swiftly to a side passage where we found three wolves tied up. Despite our best efforts to placate them, they will be food for the pigs. Wolves, twice now – they are very well fed!

Added to that we found a Bugbear, or rather he found Malachite, who was climbing up a small opening like an underground chimney. He fought well, but there was also a giant wolf up there that savaged him from behind. It has made me realise that, sooner or later, the pigs will feast on a companion or two that isn’t as lucky as our Dwarven friend.

After this we continued on our way down the passage past a corridor that had partially collapsed. Rather wisely we decided not to pursue that route. The passageway opened into a wide room with a rope bridge above us and a small stream to the left. Little did we know those cunning Goblins had made a large water trap that aimed to wash us away!

With some deft footing I sped my way atop the rubble in the corridor we just passed in time for the water to flood past me. Oz was apparently not so lucky and, while the others climbed to the rope bridge above, he had to be lassoed from the water.

I was helped up to the others and angrily we headed further into the depths of their lair. Soon we found more of the creatures, who met a quick death. However these were not the Goblins responsible for the attack on our lives. When we find them, I will enjoy watching the pigs feast…



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